Volunteers are the heart and soul of every gathering, without them, there would not be a gathering. People are needed to help register attendees, escort speakers, work the Volunteer and Action desks, and so forth.
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The Mensa Foundation's 2015 Colloquium — Brain Health: Research, Challenges and Breakthroughs — concentrates on that mysterious gray matter that houses our intelligence and our amazing human potential.


Experience Louisville’s thriving Arts & Culture scene where both the visual and performing arts flourish. Find contemporary and classic theatre productions, new and ongoing gallery shows and museum exhibitions, and hands-on seminars and workshops with some of Louisville’s leading glass artists.


Lifelong Learning

More than anything, the Annual Gathering is about learning new things and visiting with friends, whether they are friends you've known for years or those you've just met.


Welcome to Louisville!Brimming with insightful programs, far-flung participants and playful exuberance, Mensa's Annual Gathering provides an unmatched venue for our members to showcase their creativity and ingenuity. This Independence Day, we invite you to connect with friends — old and new — and let your Unbridled Spirit run wild in the Bluegrass State.

Home to the legendary Kentucky Derby horse race and the "most exciting two minutes in sports," Louisville boasts more than just ponies and bourbon — though you'll find plenty of both if those strike your fancy. The city is home to a full-time opera, orchestra, ballet and regional and professional theaters. Couple those with the Mellwood Arts Center and the Fraizer International History Museum and you'll find that Kentucky's largest city provides a captivating mix of history, culture and modernity.

So don't miss out. Join Mensans from every generation as we descend upon Louisville July 1-5 for the 2015 Annual Gathering!

Hear from past attendees...

Fabulous speakers with a wonderful variety of topics. Loved the city (and the weather). Good tours.